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Gartneri Toftegaard’s Bed & Breakfast

Gartneri Toftegaard is located on the outskirts of Vedskølle Village, 6 kilometers south of Køge. Our village is in walking distance of Vallø Castle, in the middle of a beautiful landscape with soft hills and big forests. Copenhagen City is just 45 kilometers away to the north.

Our guests choose Gartneri Toftegaards Bed & Breakfast for different reasons. Many people want to enjoy a stay in peaceful surroundings in the countryside with easily combined trips to the capital city, Copenhagen. There is easy access to Copenhagen by public transport; the S-train leaves from Køge every 10 minutes. Other guests find our location well suited for cultural and leisure pursuits, and likewise business activities. For more details about how to find us and how to get around, please notice the menu Locationon this homepage.

The Bed & Breakfast facilities are situated in two buildings close to the main house. All rooms have views over the fields and the forest, or look onto a small apple garden. The restoration of the buildings has been carried out with respect for detail and simplicity of line. Rooms as well as apartments are for rent. Please find more information about our rooms and apartments in the menu Rooms.

Terraces in front of the two apartments and rooms

Our guests are welcome to attend work and production in the greenhouses and on the farmland. Gartneri Toftegaard is a farm of 112 acres and 3300 m2 greenhouses, and a big farmhouse shop. In the interior of the greenhouses we have decorated and arranged many platforms and terraces. As our guest in the Bed & Breakfast You are very welcome to bring your breakfast and tea or coffee along, and enjoy sitting in the middle of all the abundance of the spices, chilli plants, tomatoes.

At Gartneri Toftegaard’s Bed & Breakfast we are proud to present something relaxing and experiencing for all your senses. You will find yourself in the close neighbourhood of the historical remains of Danish medieval culture, beautiful and interesting excursions in a very special nature, shopping in Køge and big city life in Copenhagen. You will be able to relax after a long day of activities in the peaceful atmosphere on the farm.  The highway going north towards Copenhagen City is only 6 kilometres from us, and the famous Town Hall Square is just a 50 kilometres drive away. You will find a sandy and family friendly beach at a 3 kilometres distance, and a short walk of 1 kilometre east of Gartneri Toftegaard You will find the biggest Castle Park in Denmark, belonging to Vallø Castle. The Park and Gardens of the Castle are surrounded by the magnificiant Vallø Forests.

The medieval town of Køge is situated 5 kilometres north of our Village. Køge is still a strong town for local trade, and has been carefully restaured and refurnished through the years. In Køge You will have the possibility of doing some nice shopping as well as visiting high quality restaurants. Enjoy a romantic walk through the old narrow streets, and have a nice treat in one of the many coffee shops along the way. Please notice the menu How to find us with our complete address and guides how to get here by car or public transportation, and view the Prices/Bookings page for information about reservations.

Keep yourself updated on local events, excursions and sights to see on the menu Sightseeing & Activities.

About Gartneri Toftegaard

We run a garden nursery in a class of its own. Our production in the fields consists of many different kinds of grain, corn, potatoes, asparagus and strawberries. The main production in the greenhouses are tomatoplants and chillipepperplants. We have the largest production and selection in Denmark of tomatoes and chillipepper for retail sales, mainly for private leisure greenhouses and retail sales from the shop on the farm. We grow and sell many other vegetables, and our most resent line of production is spices. Dormer window from each room on the first floor overlooking the fields.

Season in the green houses


Already in februarywe start to work in the greenhouses, to make everything ready for the new spring ahead, even snow and frost are still covering the grounds outside. Seeds are being prepared for the first planting in the heated area of the greenhouses, and soon it all starts over again with tiny light green sprouts peeping out of their containers.


We are specialists in chillipeppers, tomatoes and other vegetables and spices for hobby and leisure greenhouses. People come and buy their plants here. Everything is grown without pesticides.
You are free to take a look in the greenhouses, to watch the working processes, early spring planting and late summer collection of crops.